Wilcock - Wilcox Family Connections

This web site contains Family Tree data for a Wilcock clan originating in the Euxton, Chorley region of Lancashire, England. Michael Wilcock, born 1780 is the earliest ancestor that can be identified with confidence. There is more detail on the branches of the family that left for Ontario in the 1880's, some of whom moved on to B.C. and California. Many branches of the tree, connected by marriage, are included. 


Buckshaw Hall

Buckshaw Hall, built in the 1650's, was the home for many early generations of Wilcock in Euxton, Lancashire, England. A humble little cottage for simple farmer folk!

Photo Copyright Lancashire County Library


Pedigree Chart for Michael Wilcock (b1780) and Alice Snape

[The above html file contains all the notes and some pictures. Detail on people (deemed to be) still living is excluded]

A book, "Wilcox Family History", was completed in November 2008. The origins of a British Columbia Wilcox family are traced back to the Wilcocks of Lancashire, England. Four siblings from one branch of this family emigrated in the 1880's, two settling in Ontario (Wilcox/Collier), another in California (Moore) and the third in B.C. Each of these branches is covered, as are the maternal lines which converge with the Wilcock/Wilcox line. The early maternal lines include Mortimer and Billington while the more recent are McClary (from the U.S.) and Bryce (Scotland). Other family names covered in some detail are Williamson and Pollock. The book may be viewed/purchased at: http://www.lulu.com/content/4782010. The 38Mb PDF file can be downloaded free.  

Current research efforts are focussed on the History of Forest Grove, B.C., where Harry Wilcox farmed and raised a family. This book was published Dec 2011.

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